Finish complex research & analysis tasks faster than ever

Uncover hidden, high-value data from your archives

Accomplish missions that could not be achieved before

Learn more about the Benefits of Compendia

Compendia delivers more useful answers to your complex research queries

The Compendia Insight Engine is the latest innovation from Titan Technologies, which has built a reputation for delivering advanced, multidimensional solutions in data analytics, systems modernization, and cloud services.

Reduce the Time and Cost to Construct Valuable Knowledge

Compendia significantly improves the speed, accuracy, and usefulness of your searches of your organization’s digital content. You will reduce the cost and time required to find crucial data that can help you construct valuable new knowledge.

By using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, Compendia extracts semantic knowledge, relationships, and key entities from large collections of unstructured and semi-structured data. Compendia users can then focus on the information they need from the metadata-enriched text by filtering document categorization labels, extracted entities, and dynamic tags.

Engineered for federal organizations and other research-intensive industries

Compendia is used by federal organizations to address some of their most complex research and knowledge management challenges. In addition, Compendia’s powerful, adaptable research functionality can benefit companies in industries such as legal, healthcare IT, education, and others.

The National Security Research Center at Los Alamos National Laboratory uses Compendia to process complex research tasks.

What’s the difference between a search engine and Compendia?

In the second episode of the “Data Shift Podcast”, 11-time New York Times Best-Selling Author Don Yaeger interviews Giuseppe Strafforello, Titan Technologies’ Senior Software Architect.

Immediate Results for Your Most Complex Data Research Queries

Compendia Enhances and Accelerates the “Information to Insight” Pipeline.

Flexible technology for your research needs

Our experienced and cleared systems and software engineers and data scientists collaborate with you to determine the best version of Compendia to address your research and intelligence analysis requirements.

We offer various packages (Pro, Core, and Basic) and licenses, including a SaaS model. All configurations of Compendia can enable customers to achieve missions and outcomes that could not be completed otherwise.

How can Compendia benefit your project?

Deeper analysis of data correlation

Expanded base of secure, searchable documents

Faster discovery of valuable new knowledge

Detection of hidden meaning within the data

Compendia’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology draws connections between seemingly disparate ideas. The NLP engine contains a knowledge graph with millions of links between approximately 450,000 concepts, thus generating more precise search results that capture language use in context. For instance, if the word “plant” appears in a technical article, Compendia can infer whether it is referring to gardening, a manufacturing facility, or the implantation of an idea.

Compendia delivers more useful answers to your complex research queries.

Data professionals use Compendia to construct new knowledge that is crucial to mission success.

Deeper analysis of data correlation

Our core data science approach is based on knowledge graph methodologies, where the attributes, features, and entities collected are nodes correlated by data-rich links in the graph environment. Compendia’s analytics are focused on the relationship between any subset of nodes based on edge attributes or features (colocation, inferred topics, temporal reference, information exchange, etc.).

How does Compendia help?

Investing in AI/ML saves countless hours and many millions of dollars, while directly contributing to mission success

Expanded base of searchable documents
Compendia searches through multiple data sources and delivers the results through a single interface. By using an ML-based optical character recognition (OCR) technology, Compendia automatically extracts text and metadata from a variety of source systems, databases, records management, and content management systems. Compendia then uses AI and ML processes to apply NLP and NLU to the content.

Compendia enables search across 200+ data sources.

43 Million Images


Compendia processed 43 million client images in 3 weeks

Faster time to discovery
Compendia makes searching and finding relevant documents quick and efficient by enabling precision search and recall across multiple, typically siloed, systems. The solution uses ML to automatically and accurately generate metadata, significantly reducing or eliminating the time needed for your staff to create metadata.

Get up and running faster.

Fully Secure Access

Appropriate security protocols control visibility both to the metadata against which searches are conducted and to the documents in the source systems.

Easier User Experience

A unified gateway with a user-friendly interface provides a single point of access for end users to perform integrated precision search and recall against a variety of different source systems.

Minimal Training Required

Compendia is intuitive and simple to use. We have deployed Compendia to thousands of users without requiring customers to incur the cost and time for training on the program.

Building Blocks for Foundational Research.

Compendia’s integrated core components provide enriched, accessible, secure data

Data Management

Compendia’s AI-enabled Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Engine serves as the backbone of the platform, enabling ultra-large-scale digitization. Data ingest is further aided by ML-based optical character recognition capabilities that deliver better than commercially available results to produce enriched, actionable data sets.


The Natural Language Processing/Understanding (NLP/NLU) layer comprehends unstructured text, auto-generating rich metadata to produce highly relevant search results. Compendia’s NLP/NLU capability applies sophisticated linguistic packages for accurate text categorization and entity extraction. Linguistics packages can be customized to incorporate existing customer ontologies, taxonomies, and custom entities.

Data Fabric
Data is ingested from more than 200 different types of databases, formats, and structures into a data fabric. All data sources are processed through Compendia’s ML workflows which include security tagging, metadata extraction, and AI-enrichment steps. Digital assets with rich markup can be easily exported from the data fabric for use in web, social media, business intelligence, productivity, or visual analytics tools.

Security Layer

Compendia was developed to address intelligence and law-enforcement requirements for handling multiple levels of classification. During the ingest process, data transits through a security extraction process that supports cell and row level security, cleansing and normalizing all security markings and enforcing entity-based security restrictions to enable the role-based access control (RBAC) and need-to-know (NTK) information access critical in a classified environment.

Decentralized Content

Enriched metadata from unstructured data is produced while preserving the original documents in their source repository. Similarly, Compendia can read from and query structured data in native source systems. This federated architecture allows organizations to better leverage their existing investments in data storage and institutional knowledge and workflows.

Presentation Layer

A configurable and customizable user interface (UI) can be aligned with the organization’s business requirements and workflows. The UI enables users to upload, process and analyze content through a series of step-by-step screens. Persistent menus allow the user to navigate to any portion of the web-based interface to add data, perform analyses, or export results in a variety of formats. The UI supports search discovery, business intelligence applications, and can enable persona driven user experiences to find, extract, and build knowledge.

Securely built for the most demanding security professionals

Compendia was purpose-built for defense and intel users, and can recognize and extract a variety of security markings.

Compendia Supports U.S. National Security

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

Compendia is being used by Triad National Security, which operates Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico, to support LANL’s classified research goals.

“We use Titan Technologies’ Compendia to process complex research tasks,” said Rizwan Ali, Director of the National Security Research Center at LANL, which helps to ensure the safety of the U.S. nuclear stockpile, develops technologies to reduce threats from weapons of mass destruction, and solves problems related to energy, environment, infrastructure, health, and global security concerns.

Knowing that the preservation, curation, maintenance, and transmission of knowledge is an essential piece of a scientific enterprise such as theirs, LANL tested Compendia in a rigorous pilot project before moving forward with their deployment.

See how Compendia helps LANL overcome its unique archival and research challenges in “The Archives of the Future”.

By digitizing, cataloging, and making searchable their vast collection of nuclear weapons material, LANL saves significant amounts of time and money. Compendia’s advanced search and discovery capability is expected to save LANL tens of millions of dollars annually through avoidance of redundant research and experimentation.

Plus, LANL researchers are finding that using Compendia to search through their digital repositories is dramatically easier than the previous process, which required contacting a librarian to manually search through the collections.

How can your organization use Compendia?

Compendia can save time and money for a broad variety of companies and organizations, including government agencies, research laboratories and archive departments, and human resource departments, to name just a few.

See more use cases of AI/ML and NLP/NLU technology

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How we work with you

We listen

We want to learn about your organization’s short-term and long-term goals and priorities.

We plot a path to success

We determine how you can meet your goals by using Compendia to save time and money.

We find the right fit for your project

We match your version of Compendia to your budget and functional objectives.

If you’d like to find out how Compendia can be customized to help your organization reduce the cost of lost research time and help you make better use of your staff, budget, and resources, contact us at or 1-800-897-5380.