The Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) manages the municipal water resources for Oahu, Hawaii’s most populous island, sustaining a population approaching one million people.


Like many other public organizations, the BWS needed new technologies to safeguard its critical infrastructure – including water storage, pump and transport facility vulnerabilities. BWS required greater flexibility, reliability and scalability. Additionally, the Board was dealing with increased capacity requirements for other key operations, including: inter-facility links, internet connectivity, field communications, SCADA systems, SAN mirroring and disaster recovery.


Titan Technologies has designed, installed and now maintains a wireless (MW) network linking over 250 BWS sites throughout Oahu. This effort includes a significant upgrade to high definition surveillance cameras to a high capacity transport network to handle the extra data traffic generated by these IP-based cameras. Titan Technologies delivered high capacity and scalability as well as the flexibility of an all-outdoor deployment. Titan Technologies’ extensive experience with network & telecom engineering, gave BWS confidence that these were highly field-proven solutions. Several of the unique benefits delivered to the BWS are as follows:

  • High Reliability and Availability – Field proven, hardened systems with multiple protection and redundancy options for carrier-grade performance
  • Multi-Gigabit Capacity – Scales to 4 Gbps capacity
  • Ultra-Low Latency – Ensures smooth delivery of real-time applications including voice and video
  • Low Power – Solar and battery backup systems are used to ensure continuous operations with the lowest power consumption necessary
  • Non and Near-Line-of-Site Solutions – Used to link remote sites in rugged terrain
  • Two-Way, IP-Based Interactive Voice/Data Capabilities
  • Upgradability – Ability to upgrade camera quality and features based upon changing situations
  • Programmable Features for Individual Site Customization


Titan Technologies has provided continuous support of over 250 BWS locations for over 9 years. With its high capacity, wireless network in place, the Honolulu Board of Water Supply now has the scalability and performance to handle its current and future requirements. The Titan Technologies solution now forms the backbone for all of the Board’s critical data transport including: high-definition surveillance video, inter-facility links, internet connectivity, field communications, SCADA communications, and SAN mirroring. The new secure network has resulted in greater operational efficiency and the enablement of a robust disaster recovery system. The most fundamental benefit of the Titan Technologies solution has, however, been a vast improvement in the BWS’ ability to monitor and manage sensitive facilities, ensuring a safer and more dependable service.