When FEMA needed to support emergency calls resulting from a national disaster they contacted a prime contractor who subcontracted Titan Technologies, who was quickly able to provide the Federal Government much needed next-generation technology services to support FEMA after Hurricane Harvey.


FEMA procured turnkey call center support services in a move to augment the agency’s recovery service centers in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Another challenge was that a significant portion of agents had to be fluent in both Spanish and English to support the large Spanish-speaking community within the Houston area.


Titan Technologies was awarded the largest subcontract agreement to operate emergency task centers that handled incoming calls and accepted applications from individuals and businesses for disaster assistance. They successfully delivered under considerable time constraints.


Titan Technologies was able to expand their contact center services by onboarding more than 800 bilingual agents and expanding their facilities in Houston, Texas to support this increased level of staffing. Within 30 days Titan Technologies had more than 350 stations taking calls 18 hours a day to support survivors of Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Harvey. Today, Titan Technologies continues to function as the largest subcontractor and predominant provider of services under this contract, supporting survivors of natural disasters across the country.