Microwave Communication System in West Africa


West Africa is a growing democracy and an important regional partner of the United States. The US government provides assistance to West Africa directly in support of consolidating their democratic progress, while also helping West Africa build capacity to plan, implement, and sustain its own economic, defense and educational development efforts.


The growing nation lacks a robust communication infrastructure to support their civilian security forces and police. A nationwide communication infrastructure is critical in developing a robust security capability to promote peace and stability. The US Government is working with the West African government and local telecom providers to design, install and operate a microwave-based communication system to meet the communication needs of the security services. The environmental and logistical challenges associated with implementing such a solution in West Africa are not insignificant.


Titan Technologies and its partner developed an optimal design and plan Solutions to deploy a radio infrastructure with more than 30 tower sites and 50 base stations located across the country. The Titan Technologies team contributes expertise in radio systems design, installation and operations garnered from our experience deploying similar systems in other tropical, geographically challenging environments. In addition to our radio expertise Titan Technologies has supported our partner by providing logistical expertise around operating in Western Africa.


Titan Technologies’ team was able expertly assess the existing infrastructure, diagnose design and installation faults and assist in developing an aggressive project plan to deploy a fully operational system.