Montgomery County, with over 1 million residents, is the most populous county in the state of Maryland. The Board of Elections’ mission is to register voters, conduct elections, assist persons seeking elective office with candidate filings and campaign fund reports, assist citizens seeking to place questions on the ballot, and preserve election data. The Board of Elections is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the election process through a complete audit quality control process for all voting devices as well as supporting electronic equipment.


A series of powerful storms swept through the area, causing disruption to the setup of election services and preventing critical functions for early voting from being completed as scheduled for the 2016 election. Additionally, dangerous tornado conditions contributed to a county closure the day prior to early voting taking place, leaving the deployment of the technology needed to support the voting effort behind schedule.


Understanding the critical and urgent nature of this work, Titan Technologies stepped in to provide staffing needs to the Board of Elections around the county and ensured all equipment was installed and functioning in time for the election, without hiccups.


Titan Technologies’ efforts went a long way to ensure that all voters were able to participate in their civic duties the following day with no knowledge of the narrowly missed calamity.