Titan Technologies Deploys team to support communications infrastructure project in West Africa

Titan Technologies communications systems team is deploying team members to West Africa, a key United States regional partner, as we grow our worldwide operational footprint. Titan Technologies is teamed with Olgoonik Solutions in deploying a radio frequency (RF) based communications infrastructure to support critical security operations.
Together with Olgoonik Solutions our team will deploy infrastructure at over 80 sites, many of which are in geographically and environmentally challenging locations. Titan Technologies Chief Operating Officer, David Ramirez stated “Titan Technologies is proud of our support for these critical systems that promote safety and security and in the region. Our experience deploying solutions in other locations with similar environmental challenges prepares our team and ensures a successful deployment”

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About Titan Technologies

Titan Technologies, LLC, which includes its wholly owned subsidiaries TelaForce, LLC and Titan Facilities, Inc., designs, integrates, and manages innovative solutions and software applications. Titan Technologies provides advanced information technology solutions and services in the areas of digital business transformation, customer care, security and communications infrastructure, and infrastructure modernization and management. Titan Technologies is headquartered in Destin, Florida with offices in Reston, Virginia; Derwood, Maryland; Honolulu, Hawaii; Galveston, Houston, and Austin, Texas. For more information, go to www.titantechnologies.com