Survey Comments Reveal the Foundation of Great Citizen Experiences

For decades, Titan Technologies has improved the performance of IT service desks, call centers, data collections/surveys, and contact center infrastructure for federal, state, and local government agencies, commercial enterprises, and educational institutions.

Of course, delivering a consistently positive citizen experience in challenging contact center environments is nothing to take for granted. We have found a formula for success that starts with a team effort from our recruiting, training, management, and IT staff.

First, our recruiting team must find, attract, and hire people who have the right personality to handle the challenges that are inherent in a call center or help desk environment.

Next, our training team must make sure our agents are well-prepared for the variety of situations they will face.

Managers must then provide a supportive environment that enables our employees to enjoy their work each day.

Our IT team contributes a key component to the team’s success by setting up a system to share information about caller requests. By analyzing and addressing the root cause of every call, we can reduce the overall number of calls that our agents receive and thus minimize their stress.

What Our Customers Are Saying

With the right training and systems in place, our call center and help desk representatives can then quickly handle a broad spectrum of IT issues. Their effectiveness in achieving “first call resolution” is reflected in the top-notch survey feedback that we receive from our government customers.

In looking at these survey remarks, we noticed there were several aspects of successful customer service interactions that came up repeatedly. These could be considered the building blocks that form the foundation of great citizen experiences. They are:

Empathy – Each person calling us for help depends on us to empathize with them by putting ourselves in their shoes for the moment. We must remember that they are not IT experts, but still rely on technology to work well for them. This survey comment we received about the service our technician provided reinforces the importance of empathy:

“Steve was very polite about the fact it was a simple fix. He explained what happened so I would be able to fix it in the future and also did not make me feel like an idiot who knows nothing about computers 🙂 I appreciated that as it was the first time it had ever happened.”

Knowledge – A service rep can only diagnose and remedy all kinds of issues with the right combination of training and tools, such as an active AI-powered historical knowledge base that enables them to quickly find answers based on the most likely problem. That’s why we receive survey comments like this one:

“William knew exactly what my issue was, and even went the extra step to solve some of my other issues as far as the display of my monitors and the automatic start up that were slowing me down. I appreciate him going the extra step and taking the extra time. He was very knowledgeable in his job.”

Promptness – People contacting us for help may already be stressed from trying to meet deadlines, and can understandably become even more worried when they don’t know how long they will be kept waiting for assistance. By managing our staff to have enough agents available during typical surge times, we are able to connect our agents with callers quickly and receive enthusiastic survey comments like this one

“Bradley did a great job in a timely manner. I received very prompt service in resolving my laptop Wi-Fi connectivity. You guys rock! Same day service was unexpected but greatly appreciated!  Thank You!!!”

Patience – The caller needs to feel confident that all aspects of their issue are handled, which is why every one of our contact center agents is trained to see a problem through to resolution, even if that means they stay on the line with the caller longer than usual. Tickets or issues are not closed until the caller verifies the issue has been resolved. By remaining focused on the caller’s situation, we receive survey comments such as this one:

“The technician did a great job. He worked quickly and didn’t leave until the job was complete. He was very patient and stayed with us until I had my printer connected. Thank you.”

Pride – Our customer service agents don’t want to disappoint their customers, their managers, their teammates, or themselves. They want to feel good about their effort to help people in need. Their goal is to fix every issue (regardless of complexity) without a repeat call or call back. This pride in their work guides them to thoroughly complete each task, and generates survey comments such as this one:

“Melissa and the team went above and beyond to solve my problem. Incredibly fast response and extra effort to solve an issue I wasn’t even aware of. Excellent, thank you so much!”

To sum up, by focusing on hiring, training, and managing people who can perform their job with empathy, knowledge, promptness, patience, and pride, we have established ourselves as trusted partners for the organizations we serve. And every time we receive a survey comment like this one, it further energizes us to take on the next challenge:

“How wonderful it was to have this problem resolved! It was causing such stress! Thank you, Jim for figuring out the cause and fixing it!”

How You Can Benefit from Our Services

For more details about the customer care we provide for federal, state, and local governments, as well as for commercial and educational organizations, take a look at these case studies. We have proven, scalable solutions to modernize IT service desks, stand up bilingual managed call centers, support large-scale, outbound call-based data collection and surveying, and integrate next-generation omnichannel capability to organize inquiries from phone, chat, email, virtual agents, social media, and other channels.

For example, we provide enterprise IT services and telecommunications support to the Okaloosa County School District (OCSD) in Florida. The supported environment consists of more than 40 locations, over 3,400 teachers and administrators, and 30,000 students across Okaloosa County, using approximately 17,000 laptops, desktops, Chromebooks, and servers. We support all OCSD IT products, including phones, video capability, security cameras, laptops, desktops, servers, mobile devices, and printers.

If you would like to find out how your organization can offer your citizens or customers the best contact center experience possible, we would love to discuss ways we can help. Contact us at and let’s see what we can achieve for you.


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